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Our Vision

Prosperous and Healthy North Western community through effective health and social welfare

Our Mission

To empower health, social and economic development of North Western community through; keeping health services in an optimum level,
providing elderly protection and welfare, securing children’s rights and developing women.

Description of the Ministry

The Ministry of Health in the North Western Province is the leading government agency in the province to ensure the health of the people of the province. One of the main objectives of the Ministry is to optimize Western health services and Ayurvedic medical services in the province. Another major objective is to uplift the living standards of the elderly community and women in the province by ensuring their safety. Another main objective is to uplift children with special needs as independent persons in the society. Another objective is to create a conducive environment for children in the province by ensuring their safety. There are four departments and one division to facilitate the work of this Ministry. The Department of Health Services is the foremost department and under that department employs over 8,000 officers belonging to 103 categories in 198 institutions. There are 45 institutions under the Department of Ayurveda and they are served by 700 officers under 39 categories. Services are provided by 170 officers belonging to 19 service categories under the Department of Probation. Services are provided by 214 officers belonging to 16 service categories under the Department of Social Services.